World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims 18 November 2018

This was an important day for Neston Town Council in its continuing campaign to improve road safety in and around our town – with special reference to the junctions on the A540. It was the death of Andrew Fielding in June 1994 at the junction of the A540 and Raby Park Road that led to Pauline Fielding beginning a campaign to improve safety at that place – a campaign that the Town Council has been proud to support. There were two deaths on the town centre roads in 2016 and a further death nearby on the A540 this year – so this campaign is a serious matter.

RoadPeace in Merseyside held its annual service of remembrance at St George’s Hall on 18 November in Liverpool and many names of people who have been killed on the roads were remembered – as was the terrible impact on their families and friends, and on the emergency service personnel, whose job it is to deal with the aftermath of these tragic incidents. Each death may warrant just a few words in the newspapers – but causes a lifetime of grief for loved ones.

Neston Town Councillor Ceri Lloyd attended the event in Liverpool with Phil Lloyd who chairs the Transport Working Group that has coordinated the response of the Town Council to this and other transport and traffic matters through its Places Committee. Cheshire West and Chester (CWaC) Councillor Martin Barker (who is also a Neston Town Council Member) assisted Pauline Fielding when she presented a petition about the A540 at CWaC Full Council in December 2017. The A540 also featured recently on ITV’s Tonight ‘Driving – The True Cost’; while Justin Madders MP raised the matter in Parliament on 5th November.

Pauline Fielding and Councillor Ceri Lloyd at St George’s Hall with a Remembrance Plaque that is used at the site of road deaths

(Chair of Transport Working Group)


One of the five doves released at the World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims service in Liverpool on 18 November – representing the average daily death toll on Britain’s roads (Chair of Transport Working Group)


Councillor Ceri Lloyd said: ‘This service was an occasion to recall the relentless cost of serious injuries on our roads. There have been road deaths in and around Neston in recent years and many more accidents. That is why Neston Town Council gives such prominence to road safety and public transport – and why this campaign will continue and grow. Pauline Fielding’s selfless campaign is an example to us all and we are so grateful that she fights hard to make our roads safer.’


If you want more information, or you are looking for support in connection with a serious road incident please go to or use the Helpline 0845 4500355