What’s a weint?

In Neston there are at least five weints.

Most dictionaries don’t define “weint”.  An internet search (confused by the large number of songs in German about weeping!) shows that a number of places in the North West have a weint.

In Cumbria, Ulverston propose to upgrade The Weint, a small yard linking Buxton Place Car Park to Ulverston town centre – which sounds very like our Penningtons Weint. Great Urswick, also in Cumbria, has a long footpath called Weint Lane, which becomes a walled lane.

In Liverpool, East of Georges Dock Basin, Prison Weint is an ancient passage off Water Street, and was formerly called Stringers-alley. Liverpool also has Ogden Weint, which is described as having been opened out so it was no longer an alley, but an open space. Gatacre has Grange Weint.

In Wigan, The Weind used to be spelt Weint, and in 1825 three residents were listed.

Rixton, Warrington, also has The Weint.

The Neston area has at least five weints

Mealors Weint is off The Parade, Parkgate, and has six addresses.

Penningtons Weint runs between High Street and Chester Road car park.

Poplar Weint runs between Leighton Road and Liverpool Road, and has eight addresses

Pykes Weint comes off High Street, and has three addresses

Swifts Weint is off The Parade, Parkgate, and has six addresses

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