Home Watch

Neighbourhood/ Home Watch

What is Neighbourhood/ Home Watch?

Both are independent, voluntary, community-based networks. Individual schemes have different local concerns and vary in size and methods of communication.

Supported by the police, the Schemes strive to:

  • Reduce crime, anti-social behaviour and the fear of crime
  • Provide reassurance to neighbours, especially those who may be vulnerable
  • Improve quality of life for residents by working with the Police and other agencies to identify local issues and solve problems where there are community concerns
  • Encourage neighbourliness and closer communities.

Each scheme is organised by a volunteer Coordinator who will invite neighbours to join the scheme.

Coordinators are registered with the Police, their main role is to receive crime updates and other community safety warnings sent by the police and other agencies and to organise how each member will receive warnings.

Protecting your home and the things you care about

Being burgled is a horrible experience – to know that a stranger has been inside your home, among your precious possessions and taken things that mean something to you – is devastating for many victims.

But most burglaries are opportunistic and many can be prevented.

We recommend using what we call the WIDE principle when looking at how to secure your home – and it’s very simple.

Ensure your home has:

  • Window locks on every window
  • Interior lights left on a timer when you are away
  • Double or dead bolts fitted on doors
  • Exterior lights on a sensor

Taking these basic steps to protect yourself can help to deter a burglar.

Being a victim of burglary raises yours, and your neighbours’ risk of being burgled again.

Living within a scheme area reduces the likelihood of being a burglary victim.

Not yet a member of Neighbourhood / Home Watch ? If you want to find out more or would like to join a scheme please contact one of the following :-

Pam Reynolds – for Parkgate email – or Neston email

Rosemary McMahon for Little Neston, Riverside, Ness & Burton email

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