Neston Angels

Neston Angels is a volunteer befriending project in the CH64 area for older people who live alone and would benefit from a bit of company. The aim of Neston Angels is to combat loneliness and isolation by ‘matchmaking’ volunteers with local people, who visit them in their own homes on a regular basis and help to extend their personal network of support.

Who is Neston Angels for?

Older people whose support network is limited. Some Angels clients have no family, or their family may live far away, or their mobility may be limited so they can’t get out as much as they’d like. Sometimes ill health may have led to the breakdown of their social networks, or of maintaining their usual hobbies and interests.

What Does a Befriender Do?

Neston Angels befrienders commit to regular visits for an extended period, so they can really get to know clients and build a supportive and trusting relationship. Their role will vary depending on the needs of the person they are matched with. Typically, befrienders will visit people in their own home on a regular weekly basis for 1 – 2 hours. They might simply spend time listening and talking, providing the emotional support that company can bring. They might also help people to extend their networks by linking them up with other people through local luncheon clubs or interest groups, all with a view to helping to extend people’s personal network of support.

On a practical level, befrienders might help with small tasks around the home – light shopping, collection of prescriptions, posting letters – varying with the individual needs of each client.

Who are Befrienders?

Befrienders are local volunteers with a particular interest in supporting older, isolated people. They are not paid and undergo training to help them in their befriending role, with the ongoing support of the Community Activities Co-ordinator based at Neston Community Youth Centre. Befrienders are assigned to clients for an open-ended period of time, with an average length of time between 1 – 2 years.

It should be stressed that befrienders are NOT a replacement for services such as nurses, carers and social workers or any other professional.

For more information on Neston Angels, contact Zaria Shreef, Community Activities Co-ordinator, Neston Community Youth Centre on 0151 336 7805 email

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