Update regarding Neston Town Council Councillors

This press release provides an update and informs our residents about what’s been happening with Your Councillors for Neston Town Council.

Since the Annual Meeting of the Council back in May, the Council has seen several changes.  Some councillors have left due to personal reasons and other commitments.

Those who have left:

Councillor Wilkie, who had been with the council for some years, undertook a very active role in many aspects of the Council and was the lead councillor at the time of the referendum for the Neighbourhood Plan.

Councillor Shipman had been a Councillor since the formation of the Council in 2009 and had attended at the inaugural meetings.  During his time he has seen the evolvement of the Council and overseen many of its restructures.

He was a very active member and took the lead for many of the implementations and revisions of the procedures necessary to support the restructures as well as many other aspects of Council work.

Councillor Shipman was Mayor for the last two council years prior to his resignation in May.  The Council are appreciative of his work and assistance in moving the Council forward. His valuable experience will be missed.  Councillor Shipman gave 8 years of his time to the Council.

Councillor Jilani was also a founder member of the council and despite a busy schedule, took an active part in debate when in attendance at both full council and at the committees meetings on which he served.  He has now moved out of the area.

Councillor Loch served in a dual hatted role for a period of time as Borough Councillor and an active Town Councillor.  She combined her commitment to the Borough with regular attendance at both full council and committee meeting and still managed make time to be involved in several projects.  She has now decided to devote more of her time to her family.

Councillor Montgomery served for a short spell on the town council but due to work commitments was unable to continue.

More recently Councillor Chambers, who had represented Parkgate Ward has resigned.  Councillor Chambers had several very time consuming commitments previously to joining the Council but during her 2 years as Councillor, still found time to be a strong voice for the community.  She was very willing to take actions to improve the environment of the town. And will continue, through her other activities to work for these aims and we hope, remain involved with the Council through its working groups.

The vacancy for Parkgate Ward has not yet been filled.

The Council is delighted to welcome, by co-option;

Councillor Howe to represent Riverside Ward; Councillors Hine and Yarker to represent Little Neston Ward; Councillor Warner to represent Neston Ward and Councillor Chapman as the representative for Ness Ward.

Councillor Kynaston, Chairman, expressed her “sincere thanks, on behalf of the Council, to all ex serving members for their time and for the contributions they have made during their time with Neston Town Council.  A decision to serve the community requires a significant commitment and all the ex members have worked actively to improve the local environment and facilities for residents of the Parish. Whilst this can at times be a frustrating experience, we hope that it has also been an enjoyable and rewarding one.

These changes mean that we have seen an influx of new members onto the Council, several of them younger than our previously mature age range, and this will bring different viewpoints to our debates.”