Odd facts about railway travel from Neston

  • Trains from Neston are timetabled to arrive at Wrexham two minutes after they are due to leave for the journey back
  • Trains from Neston to Wrexham go clickety-click, whereas trains from Wrexham run on smooth welded rails.

Odd fact about bus services in Neston

  • A bus 487 from Liverpool leaves The Royal Oak, Neston at  5.25 p.m., and one arrives at 5.35 p.m. Unlike the Wrexham train, this is not time-travel, but a different bus. The bus that arrives at 5.35 p.m. waits for 24 minutes, and leaves at 5.59 p.m. Similar things happen at 6.05 – 6.29. It’s not clear what happens to the bus that arrives at 7.05, but the one that arrives at 7.24 leaves at 7.29, which seems sensible.

Odd facts about car travel in Neston

  • The car parks in Neston are free, but there are no signs at Neston Cross, Brook Street or Chester Road to tell motorists.

Odd facts about cycling in Neston

  • The junction of Church Lane and Burton Road, is about 100 yards from the beginning of the Burton Marsh Cycleway, route 568 on the National Cycle Network, of Church Lane. A sign used to direct you up Bridge Street: that has now been removed,  instead of being repositioned. It is believed that signs in Neston are not put there by people who live in Neston
  • In Church Lane, signs say that cyclists should give audible warning of approach and dismount, under the bridge. Motorists have no similar instructions.