Neston Town Council, Half Way Through The Year.

The Town Council are reaching the half way mark of another year, and wished to provide you with an update of what we have done so far and some of the exciting awards we have provided with our grants scheme.

This year has seen the refurbishment of our basement to enhance the market experience and to accompany our much loved Friday market.  We have now launched our Basement Market food hall, where specialised artisan traders have come to join us.  We will be making this a special feature starting in September with our “Foodie Friday”; this will be a monthly event, the first of which will be on September 27th, so keep a note in your diary so that you don’t miss out!

Further information is provided in our special “Foodie Friday” press release (11.09.19).



New floral arrangements and hanging baskets…

We have seen this year a streamlining of our floral arrangements, and hope you will agree these are very much enhanced and catch the eye, to enrich your enjoyment of the outdoors, and hopefully raise a smile.

It was a great honour to be able to mark the commemoration of the end of WWI and Council presented a commemorative bench at the location of Little Neston, joined by one of our ‘Tommies’ and some local school children.

We have worked in partnership with the Youth Justice Service who have, free of charge, done a sterling job of clearing what was once a disused over grown, inaccessible allotment garden at our Marshlands Road allotment site.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  From this                                                                                                                    To this

The Council are funding further works to cut down the trees with the intention of using the area for improving the health and well-being of our local residents.

The Council have agreed to approve and have taken steps to create a clear direction for the Council via a “Vision” and “Mission statement”.  Following on from this the Council will be looking at their strategic planning and will continue to review their budgets.

This year we have provided grants to our local community organisations, Neston Swimming and Polo club, Little Actors and Chapter North West; others are in the pipeline.  Not forgetting to record our thanks to our local community organisation Hip and Harmony, who have agreed to facilitate on our behalf, a 2019 Christmas Lights switch-on event.


Neston Nomads received £10,000 which will provide funding towards renovation of their club house, medals, courses and kits for the teams.

Neston Female Society have been supported by the Town Council for many years and the annual road closures are funded by the Town Council.


                                                                                                   Little Actors Theatre Company

Neston Town Council’s grants scheme is open to voluntary and community groups and organisations operating within the Neston area and is intended to: –

  • enable local people to participate in voluntary groups and activities
  • help the Neston area’s voluntary and community groups improve their impact on the community
  • ensure the provision of services needed by the residents of the Neston area, via the voluntary sector
  • support organisations which meet the needs of people experiencing social and economic difficulties
  • ensure that there is equality of access and opportunity for all Neston residents to the services it provides and funds
  • improve or enhance the local environment.


Our grants scheme successful provided grants of £28,932.90 for the benefit of our local community.


2018/19 Grants table below:
Hip & Harmony CIC Ladies Day Entertainment 2018 £3,996.82
Age UK Cheshire Canal boat trips £300.00
Parkgate & Neston URC Community Hall Defibrillator £500.00
Little Actors Theatre Company InterAct 18-19 repertoire £2,000.00
Amber Button Neston Work Club £3,000.00
Little Actors Theatre Company WWI commemorative play £500.00
Neston Players WWI centenary project – display £200.00
Friends of West Vale Park Family Fun Day 2019 £1,370.00
Hinderton Art Group Room hire costs £250.00
Neston Branch Cheshire Rural Touring Arts WWI commemorative play £120.00
Willaston Phil Supporters’ Group Publicity in Neston £390.48
Neston & District Art Society 2019 Art Exhibition £446.00
Little Actors Theatre Company Theatre Club & Drama Tots £2,500.00
Friends of Stanney Fields Park Refurbishment of park gates £1,000.00
Heath Lane Nurseries Community gardening for health £500.00
NestonVillage Fair Committee Village Fair 2019 £1,200.00
Neston Community Cybercentre Cost of broadband x 12 months £780.60
Neston Community Cybercentre Purchase of inkjet printer £500.00
Neston Riverside WI Purchase of wool £100.00
Hip & Harmony CIC It’s Not OK project £4,500.00
Train to Change Neston’s Lift Up 2 Work IV £4,779.00