This statement sets out the Town Council’s vision and priorities for a successful transport system for Neston.


Regular, efficient and affordable public transport helps communities to flourish by providing access to employment, education, healthcare and leisure opportunities, encouraging inward investment, supporting social inclusion and reducing pollution.


The long-term aspiration is for direct, frequent (half-hourly) rail services between Neston and Liverpool and the Town Council will continue to lobby for this.

Transport for Wales (TfW) has stated it will introduce two trains an hour through Neston from December 2021, it will improve the interchange between lines at Shotton and provide a new station to serve the Deeside Industrial Park.  The Town Council fully supports these improvements and will actively encourage TfW to implement them at the earliest opportunity.

Train services should be effective in connecting Neston for access to employment and for leisure travel, be it local or long distance.  To more fully realise this, the Town Council will lobby for earlier trains in the morning, a more frequent service in the evening and good connections with other rail services at Bidston, Shotton and Wrexham General.

Infrastructure – it should be possible to travel with cycles on trains and to securely store cycles at Neston station.  The station should have CCTV, a ticket machine and clear, accurate information provided for passengers when rail replacement buses need to operate.


Bus routes need to be comprehensive and services must be regular and reliable in order to provide access to employment and leisure.  Bus services are also vital to ensure access to both Arrowe Park and the Countess of Chester hospitals.  Improving the bus connections between Neston and The Chimneys on the A41 via Hooton would increase integrated public transport options and the Town Council is committed to lobbying for improvements to this service.

There should be a bus service between Neston and Chester seven days a week including evenings which could be achieved by a regular seven day and evening bus service to The Chimneys on the A41 via Hooton.

Infrastructure – there should be lighting and live bus times at key bus stops.

Cost of travel

Fares need to be affordable to encourage increased usage.  The Town Council will monitor the cost of travel and work with partners to lobby for comparable fares for Neston residents.


In addition to encouraging the development of public transport which will reduce traffic congestion, the Town Council will work with partners to secure the improvement of traffic flows in Neston Town Centre and enhance the safety of the A540 and its junctions through Neston.


Walking and cycling are environmentally sustainable and healthy ways to travel.  They reduce air and noise pollution, reduce congestion on the roads and improve quality of life for our community.  Wherever possible and practicable, the Town Council will support initiatives that make active travel easier and safer.

Cycling routes and safety

The Town Council would like to see a review into how cycling can be made safer, with safe cycle corridors linking key areas.


It should be easy and safe for pedestrians to walk within Neston.  The Town Council will continue to highlight areas of concern and work with partners to make improvements wherever possible.


The Transport Working Group will review and report to Places Committee every six months on the progress towards sustainable connectivity.