Neston Market… closed until further notice.

Neston Town Council staff have been told to work from home.  The Council does not wish to put its staff at risk and leave their homes in order to run the market. It is unclear at this time, what further measures the Government may impose, but we all must make effort and play our part in adhering to the Government and Health Minister’s guidelines.

As such is it now necessary to announce the temporary closing of the Neston Market, regrettable as this is.  The safety of our residents and our staff must take precedence.

Our Mayor Cllr Roberts sends this message

“There are two things that I am certain of in these very uncertain and unprecedented times: We will get through this and we will be a stronger and a closer community as a result. The health crisis that we find ourselves in as a result of the coronavirus pandemic shows no signs of abating.  Schools have closed and over the weekend the government ordered pubs, clubs, cafes, theatres, cinemas and bars to close. The situation our local businesses and self-employed find themselves in is one we could never have imagined.

It isn’t going to be easy and we can already feel the sacrifices that will need to be made, but I call on everyone to play their part. We cannot tackle this without a collective effort, and you must follow the expert health advice. Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly for at least 20 seconds. Isolate yourself and those close to you if you have a new cough or high temperature. Stop all but essential travel. Do not attend social gatherings. Work from home where possible. Keep two metres between you and other people if you have to be out and about. For more details and the latest advice please follow the link set up by Cheshire West & Chester Council:

I also make an appeal – please do not buy more than you need and empty supermarket shelves – there is plenty of food and supplies in the chain. Where possible buy from local businesses who will need all our help, both during and after this pandemic.

If we work together and follow the health and safety advice, we can overcome this virus.  I have been encouraged and proud to see so many residents and groups coming forward who have recognised how important it is to join to support others who are most vulnerable and in need. Neston Community Youth Centre (NCYC) are leading and doing a magnificent job in coordinating the community response to help those in need. Neston Town Council is supporting and providing practical support where needed. If you can volunteer or are in need of support, please contact them via this link You can all do your bit by helping to spread the word and support our communities. Keep a close eye on everyone in your street and neighbourhood who may need help or feel vulnerable or isolated.

Like every other organisation, Neston Town Council and its staff are being affected by Coronavirus which will have an impact on Council services. You can keep up to date with the latest service updates here

Finally, on behalf of myself and fellow town councillors please stay safe and well and spread only kindness.”