Neston & District Churches Together

Neston & District Churches Together was formed to help the many Christian communities in Neston area to work more closely together. It might otherwise go unnoticed that there are so many active Churches in the district committed to Christian worship.

Easter Message on behalf of Neston and District Churches Together 2021

Over the last year many people have been unable to visit their relatives and friends due to corona virus restrictions.  As a result, many families have become physically disconnected, unable to celebrate birthdays with loved ones, unable even to hold weddings.  Some have lost loved ones and may not even have been allowed to attend their funeral.  Some have coped well with separation, using electronic means of communication and perhaps learning new skills in this field. Some, however, have descended into a period of isolation.  Times for all have been difficult and on occasions seemed very dark.

But now, thanks to vaccines, we can hope for a brighter future ahead: a future where we can once again meet together (although presently only under the rule of six).  A time when we can enjoy each other’s company and hospitality, a time when we can be joyful.

All it takes is for us to believe and receive a shot of vaccine in our arms.

But just imagine being separated from loved ones, not just for one year but for a lifetime.  Imagine then the joy of being able to meet up face-to-face and be with each other. What a time of celebration that would be!  Just imagine the anticipation of such a meeting – the planning that you would need to put in place, the expectation of reunion, the hope of a lasting future together.

And this is what Easter is all about.  For our whole lives we have been separated from God, a separation caused by our in-built desire to ‘do our own thing’ instead of doing what pleases God.  Every day each of us puts our own interests first in our lives, reinforcing this separation from God.  But God decided to take action.  His plan is for us to be once again re-united with Him.

The vehicle by which this is achieved is through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, God’s own Son, who two thousand years ago willingly sacrificed his life (on what we refer to as Good Friday), only to rise to life in glorious resurrection on the third day (Easter Sunday). Through his blood, all may be redeemed and given the hope of a glorious future united with God.

All it takes is for us to believe and receive a shot of Christ in our lives.

Have a happy Easter,

Jim Shaw, Chairman NDCT

The purpose of the Group is to promote awareness of all the local Churches and help organise ecumenical events each year. These include a service as part of Christian Unity Week in January, Lent Discussion Groups, a Christian Aid Service in May and participation in the Neston Village Fair in July. Neston Ecumenical Choir (now called Neston Singers) produce concerts at Easter and Christmas. During October, there is a service as part of One World Week and an ecumenical evening of carol singing in December.

To learn more about the Group please contact the Chair, Jim  Shaw email, or Secretary, Carol Savage email

Neston & District Churches Together – Committee Members 2021

Burton St Nicholas

Rev. Cathy Helm The Vicarage, Vicarage Lane, Burton, CH64 5TJ 07471 890 827 email
Janey Griffiths Church Cottage, Burton, CH64 5TH (0151) 336 3621 email

Neston Life Church

Carl and Aly Field Baines email
Steve Brown 87 West Vale, Little Neston, CH64 0SF (0151) 336 7386 email
Peter Lamkin 65 Bendee Road, Little Neston, CH64 9QL (0151) 336 1688 email

Neston / Little Neston Methodist

Margaret Heibel – Christian Aid

10 Furrocks Way, Ness, CH64 4EW (0151) 336 6305 email

Ed Hilditch

Ashmount, Lees Lane, Little Neston, CH64 4DB (0151) 336 4510 email
Jean Turner 30 Furrocks Lane, Ness, CH64 4EH (0151) 336 3907 email

Len Sloan

59 Allans Meadow, Neston, CH64 9SQ (0151) 336 7501 email

Neston SS Mary & Helen / St Michael’s/ St Thomas’

Rev Alan Dawson

Rev Judith Calvert

The Vicarage, High Street, Neston, CH64 9TZ

33, Centurion Drive, Meols, Wirral CH47 7AL

(0151) 353 1000

(0151) 632 4729



Diane Millington – Neston Singers

30 Leighton Road, Neston CH64 3SD (0151) 336 7192 email
Neston St Winefride’s (0151) 721 3035
Mike Topping 12 Rose Gardens, Little Neston, CH64 4BX (0151) 353 0253 email

Fr Paul O’Grady


Mark Branch

Marie Branch – Treasurer



Parkgate & Neston United Reformed

Rev. Hilary Smith

31, Moorside Avenue, Parkgate CH64 6QS (0151) 336 3336 email
Ron Berg 11 Bushell Road, Neston, CH64 9PT (0151) 336 4368 email
Ann Clowes Dairy Farm, Badgers Rake Lane, Ledsham. CH66 8PD (0151) 339 9149 email

Jennifer Davies

2 Station Rd, Neston, CH64 9QJ (0151) 353 0804 email

Cheryl Ellis

79 Mayfield Gardens, Neston, CH64 3RW (0151) 336 3313

07941 654891


Willaston Methodist

Carol Savage Secretary

Jim Shaw Chair

28 Whitegates Crescent, Willaston, CH64 2UX (0151) 327 3593 email


Willaston Parish

Rev Stephen Bazeley email
Viv Ley
Cameo Club