Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood planning gives local communities a greater say in how their locality should be developed in the future. It allows local people the opportunity to influence what type of new development should take place, where it should be located, and what it should look like. Once a neighbourhood plan is approved it becomes part of the statutory planning framework and must be taken account of by the local authority when they are making planning decisions. However a neighbourhood plan must be in “general conformity” with the local plan for the area. This means that it must take account of the local authority’s assessment of housing and other development needs.

Draft Neighbourhood Plan Consultation

January 9, 2015

Public consultation on Neston’s draft Neighbourhood Plan.

Neston 2030 Questionnaire Results

October 23, 2013

The Neighbourhood Plan will identify sites within the urban area suitable for housing development. Development in the green belt is not proposed Agree Neutral Do […]

Neston 2030 Questionnaire

July 8, 2013

Neston 2030 Questionnaire is out now. Download your copy below.