Finance & Town Centre Committee 28th June 2013

Minutes of the Extraordinary meeting of the Finance and Town Centre Committee held on Friday 28 June at 9am at Neston Community and Youth Centre.

Present: Councillors Barker, Cummins, Jilani, Marlow, Shipman and Spacey and Mrs A Kunaj (Town Clerk)

In attendance: Cllrs Griffiths, Hughes, Pugh and Wilkie and Mrs K Pierce (Town Centre Manager)

PART 1: Items considered in the presence of the press and public

Meeting 2

25 Apologies for absence were received from Cllr Loch and were accepted.

26 Questions to the Committee: None.

27 Declarations of Interest: None.

28 Management Agreement with CWaC

      The Committee considered,

  • the reports and findings from Locality, and
  • the proposed Management Agreement for the assumption of control of Neston Town Hall, Neston Market Square and Neston Market.

Much discussion took place. Members were concerned about what the Council’s financial position would be in four years time.

A proposal was made and seconded ‘for Neston Town Council to go back to the negotiation table to re negotiate the terms with CWaC’.  The proposal was carried.

A proposal was made and seconded ‘That Neston Town Council continue with negotiations with CWaC for the taking over of the market and market square, but are reluctant to take any part of the ownership of the Town Hall because of the financial consequences. In the event that the negotiation position cannot be agreed, the Council would be prepared to consider an arrangement for the currently un-leased areas of the Town Hall, if it were necessary to secure the management of the market and market square.’  The proposal was carried.

A proposal was made and seconded for the formation of a Working Group comprising of Cllrs Barker, Shipman, Spacey and Wilkie and the Town Centre Manager, to undertake negotiations on behalf of the Committee. The proposal was carried.

It was noted that should an appointed member be unable to attend, he/she will appoint a substitute and that it was expected that Cllr Marlow should be given first option.

29 Any other items which the Chairman determines are urgent for discussion or next agenda item. None.

30  Date of next meeting: The date and time of the next meeting was confirmed as

16 July 2013.


Meeting closed at 10.25am