Meetings Month: January 2014

Full Council 28 January 2014

Minutes Full Council 28 January 2014 Prior to the meeting at 6pm Ewan McHenry (CWaC Senior Locality Manager – Rural Communities Locality Working Directorate) and Chris Capes (Programme Manager Rural and Market Towns) met with Councillors to outline the Town Centre improvements linked to the S106 project from the developer contribution from Sainsbury’s. A separate […]


Today Ness village is dominated by the botanical gardens laid out here more than 100 years ago by a Liverpool cotton baron. Ness Botanic Gardens were started by A K Bulley who moved there in 1898 after making his money as a cotton broker in Liverpool. He planted shelter belts of trees and laid out […]


The visitor to Parkgate will find it a bustling and unusual place; a long straight road bounded on one side by a sandstone sea wall and a huge (10,000 hectare) expanse of salt marsh. Views stretch over the 4 mile wide Dee estuary, a well known bird reserve, to the hills of North Wales. On […]

Little Neston

Little Neston grew up as a settlement around The Green, although the 1960s and 70s saw major expansion with the building of several housing estates. Today the village has two shopping areas: Town Lane is next to The Green and has a Post Office and a range of other shops including a newsagent, a fast […]


A short distance from the A540 Chester to West Kirby road, the historic market town of Neston nestles into the Cheshire countryside providing a peaceful setting for its regular, historic Friday Market. Free car parking makes it an attractive place to stop and its close proximity to the Wirral Country Park provides access for walkers […]

Planning & Environment Extraordinary 17 January 2014

Minutes of the Planning & Environment Extraordinary Committee Meeting on 17 January 2014 Present: Councillors Derraugh (Chairman), Hughes, Loch, Wilkie and Mrs M Suckley (Administration Officer)  In attendance: Cllrs Carter,Griffiths,Marlow and Shipman, CWaC Councillor Gittins, CWaC Officers: Sarah Clein (Head of Localities Rural), Kieran Collins (Area Highways Manager), Bethan Edwards (Local Sustainable Transport Funding (LSTF) […]

Finance & Town Centre 14 January 2014

Minutes of the meeting of the Finance and Town Centre Committee held on Tuesday 14 January at 6pm at Neston Community and Youth Centre. Present:Cllrs Barker (Chair), Jilani, Kynaston (substitute for Cllr Cummins), Loch, Marlow and Shipman. Mrs M Suckley (Administration Officer) and Mrs K Pierce (Town Centre Manager) In attendance: Cllrs Griffiths and Wilkie. […]

Extraordinary Full Council 10 January 2014

Minutes of the Extraordinary Meeting of Neston Town Council 10 January 2014 Present: Councillors Barker, Carter, Cox, Cummins, Derraugh, Griffiths, Hughes, Loch, Marlow (Chairman),Shipman and Wilkie and Mrs M Suckley (Administration Officer) Absent: Cllr Jilani In attendance: CWaC Councillor Gittins, CWAC Officers: Noel O’Neill (Head of Property & regeneration), Ewan McHenry (Senior Locality Manager – […]

Planning & Environment 9 January 2014

Minutes of the Planning and Environment Committee meeting held on Thursday 9 January 2014 at 6pm at Neston Community and Youth Centre Present: Cllrs Derraugh (Chair), Hughes, Loch, Wilkie and Mrs M Suckley (Administration Officer). PART 1: Items considered in the presence of the press and public Meeting 10 122   Apologies for absence: None. 123 […]

Full Council – Budget Meeting 7 January 2014

Full Council  Minutes 7 January 2014  Present: Cllrs Marlow (Mayor), Barker, Carter, Cox, Cummins, Derraugh, Griffiths, Jilani, Hughes, Loch, Sharkey, Shipman and Wilkie. 119 Questions to the Council No members of the public being present, there were none. 120 Apologies for absence These were received from Cllr Kynaston and accepted by Members. 121 Declarations of […]