Meetings Month: July 2012

Planning & Environment Committee 31st July 2012

Minutes of the Planning and Environment Committee held on held on Tuesday 31 July at 6pm at Neston Community and Youth Centre. Present: Councillors M Andrews, Clark, Cummins, Derraugh, Griffiths (substitute for Cllr Garvey), Marlow (substitute for Cllr Hughes) and Shipman, and A Kunaj (Town Clerk). In attendance: Cllr Barker and 17 members of the […]

Society & Culture Committee 24th July 2012

Prior to the meeting examples of the branding ideas for Neston that had been considered by various Council members and local organisations were exhibited by Alison Kelly (CWaC Marketing department). The processes that had taken place to get to this stage were explained. Further suggestions have been taken on board, and a demonstration by the […]

Full Council 17th July 2012

Present:Councillors, D Andrews, M Andrews, Barker, Clark, Derraugh, Griffiths, Hughes, Loch, Marlow, Munday, Pugh, Sharkey, Shipman and Spacey and Mrs. A Kunaj (Town Clerk) In attendance: One member of the public MEETING 4 51 Questions to Council: None.   52   Apologies for absence were received from Cllr Cummins, Garvie and Jilani, and were accepted.   […]

Finance & Town Centre Committee 3th July 2012

Minutes of the meeting of the Finance and Town Centre Committee held on Tuesday 3 July at 6pm at Neston Community and Youth Centre Present: Cllrs Barker, Clark, Jilani and Marlow and Mrs Kunaj (Town Clerk) In attendance: Cllr P Hughes The Mayor, Cllr Hughes opened the meeting and invited nominations for the Chair of […]