Meetings Month: February 2012

Society & Culture Committee 28th February 2012

Prior to the meeting at 5pm Zaria Shreef (CAN) met with members for an informal discussion. Updates on the Youth Council were provided. CAN proposals and the enquiries that are underway for ways forward for their future workings were elicited. Minutes of the meeting of the Society and Culture Committee held on Tuesday 28 February […]

Full Council 21st February 2012

Present: Councillors, D Andrews, M Andrews, Barker, Cummins, Derraugh, Griffiths, Hughes, Jilani (from item 150), Marlow, Munday, Pugh, Sharkey, Shipman and Spacey and Mrs. A Kunaj (Town Clerk)   In attendance: Two members of the public   MEETING 10   143 Questions to Council: Dr Ward advised Council that he had read the ‘Neston Branding’ […]