Christopher Bushell (1811 – 1887)

Christopher Bushell was a Liverpool wine merchant who built Hinderton Hall in 1855. He took a great interest in Neston local activities and gave generously for the building of local schools and churches.

In 1865 Bushell provided funds for sinking a well in the market place because the poorer people had problems in getting clean water. A simple wheel well was constructed despite opposition from some local people.

However the water very soon became polluted because of the poor sanitary conditions that prevailed and the well was closed down. A cholera epidemic in 1866 persuaded the town to form a Local Board of Health, of which Bushell was, for a time, Chairman, to raise a rate and deal with the poor condition of the town and initiate a proper water supply.

In 1882 the townspeople paid for the erection of the Fountain as an acknowledgement of their gratitude for what Christopher Bushell had done for the town.

In addition to his interests in Neston he was President of Liverpool Council of Education. The Poor Law Guardians formed a committee, including Christopher Bushell and Rev.

Richard Gleadowe, which met with Dr David Russell, the Medical Officer.

Christopher Bushell is buried in Neston Parish Church graveyard and there is a memorial window, in the church, designed and made by C.E.Kempe & Co.

He was the grandfather of Christopher Bushell VC, who died in the First World War.

The Bushell Fountain, in the centre of Neston, commemorates Christopher Bushell.

Another ‘commemoration’ to him is Bushell Road. He paid £400 for it to be built, as a short cut from Hinderton Hall to Neston South railway station.

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