Neston’s history

The historic market town of Neston nestles in the Cheshire countryside and its tranquil appearance, with its many interesting buildings, belies its long and strategic history.With its evidence of Viking settlements in pre-Norman times and its significant record in the Domesday Book of 1085 there is much of interest in the town, indeed the sandstone church situated in the centre of the town dates back in part to the 14th Century and contains many treasures.

Arguably the most prosperous period of Neston’s development was in the mid 1500’s when it established itself as a port with important coaching links to London and became the principle departure point for Spain, France and Ireland.Many notable figures sailed from Neston long before the port of Liverpool was developed.

Later developments in the mid 19th Century saw coal mining and the railways come and go although a rail link still exists between Birkenhead and Wrexham.

The second rail link, which originally crossed over the existing line, making Neston an important junction, was closed in the mid 1950’s and converted into the Wirral Country Park, the first of its kind in the country, linking the towns of the west coast of the Wirral peninsular and providing access and pleasure for walkers, cyclists and horse riders alike.Still boasting its Royal Charter dating back to 1728 supporting its market town status, weekly Friday markets, monthly Farmers’ markets, continental markets and Christmas markets keeps its historic market town image intact.

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