The Policy Documents of Neston Town Council are listed below for download and reading. These documents are updated by the Town Council on an ongoing basis.

Full List of Policies and Procedures

Code of Conduct Policy

Neston Town Council has adopted this Code of Conduct to promote and maintain high standards of conduct and underpin public confidence in its members and co-opted members.

The Code has been adopted under section 27 of the Localism Act 2011 and is based on the following core principles of public life – selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty and leadership. It sets out general obligations about the standards of conduct expected of members and co-opted members, together with provisions about registering and declaring interests.

16 07 12 Approved Members Code Of Conduct

Publication Scheme

The Publication Scheme was approved by the Council at its Meeting held on 22nd May 2018

Publication Scheme

Strategic Objectives

The Strategic Plan was approved by the Council at its Meeting held on 19th May 2015

Strategic Objectives

Financial Regulations Policy

These Financial Regulations were approved by the Council at its Meeting held on 9th September 2015

17.05.16 Financial Regulations Approved

Devolved Planning Powers Policy

Statement of Intent

To give delegated powers to the Town Clerk in liaison with the Chairman and or Deputy Chairman of the Planning and Environment Committee to enable them to respond to local residential planning applications.


The purpose of this policy is to outline parameters under which the delegated decisions can be made without further reference to the Council.


Press Releases Policy

The Council is accountable to the electorate for its actions and shall therefore be proactive in making all reasonable efforts to make its decisions and policies known to the electorate.

News Man Press Releases policy

General statement of employment principals

General statement of employment principals

17.05.16 General Statement Of Employment Principles

Cash Handling Policy

Cash Handling Policy for Town Council Employees.

Cash Handling Policy

Grievance Procedure Policy

Grievance Policy for Town Council Employees.


Civic Protocol

Policy relating to Civic Protocol.

17.05.16 Civic Protocol

Code of Practice relating to the use of Emails

Code of Practice relating to the use of Emails.

Code of Practice emails

Data Protection and Document Retention Policy

Neston Town Council (NTC) requires a wide variety of documents for transacting its business and is committed to retaining these documents in a format and for periods of time that:

1. Enables NTC to meet its statutory obligations in respect of documents subject to legislation;
2. Ensures security of documents;
3. Protects employees’ privacy;
4. Facilitates access to information;
5. Optimises the use of storage space;
6. Is cost effective; and
7. Facilitates destruction of redundant documents.

Document Retention Policy v2

Complaints Procedure Policy

Neston Town Council Complaints Policy. Please see the below document which details the formal complaints procedure.


Standing Orders Policy

The Standing Orders Policy covers the procedural activity of Neston Town Council.

Standing orders

Statement of Community Engagement

The Statement of Community Engagement Policy Document.

Statement of Comm Engagement

Statement of Comm Engagement Action Plan

Devolved Service Template

Devolved Service Template.

17.05.16 Devolution Of Services Template

Expenses Policy

Expenses Policy.

Expenses Policy

Health & Safety Policy

Health & Safety Policy and Procedures.

17.05.16 Health +Saftey Handbook

Planning Policy

Planning Policy for the provision of Delegated Powers.

17.09.19 Planning Procedure

Co-option of member to fill a casual vacancy procedure

Policy and procedure for co-option of member to fill a casual vacancy procedure.


IT Policy

Allotments Policy

Privacy Policy for Website

Privacy Policy for Website;

18.01.23 Privacy Policy for Website

Safeguarding Policy

Safeguarding Policy;

18.01.23 SAFEGUARDING Policy

Privacy Notice - Councillor Role Holders

Privacy Notice – Councillor Role Holders


Privacy Notice - Staff

Privacy Notice – Staff


General Privacy Notice

Data Breach Notification Policy

Data Protection Policy

Subject Access Checklist and Policy

Privacy Policy for Website

Complaints Policy and Procedure

Information Security Policy

Internet Email and Social Media Policy

Co-option Procedure

Cookie Policy

Website Privacy Notice

Winter Maintenance Policy for Neston Market

Document Retention Policy

Hire of Town Council Property

Appraisal Policy

Training - Statement of Intent

Guest Wi-Fi Policy

Approved scheme of delegation for Senior Markets & Support Coordinator

Community Events Donations Policy