Latest Mosquito Update



This weekend’s forecast is particularly tricky, and much will depend on the weather. There could be a considerable biting nuisance over this coming weekend and so we have escalated the forecast to red, perhaps unnecessarily.

The very heavy rain over September 8/9th filled the breeding pools and led to a synchronised mass hatching of eggs. The larvae have developed rapidly in the unusually warm September weather. The sun and wind have fortunately caused many pools to dry out (so killing the larvae) but those pools still with water have huge numbers of advanced larvae (see photo). In recent days, these have been converting to pupae (the last stage before the adults emerge, usually lasting 3-4 days) and there is likely to be a mass emergence of huge numbers of adult mosquitoes in the coming days.

The fate of these adult mosquitoes will depend greatly on the weather. Cool and windy weather will kill and disperse them respectively and consequently very few mosquitoes have been caught in our traps so far this week. Likewise the weather that is forecast for next week is encouraging. However before then, warm and humid weather is forecast over this coming weekend and if the mass emergence has occurred by then, there could be a considerable biting nuisance over the weekend and Monday (particularly in areas sheltered from any breeze).

Dr Peter Enevoldson & Prof. Michael Clarkson


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