Mosquito Monitoring

Mosquito monitoring is undertaken by local experts who volunteer their time to improve the quality of life for our community. You can help with this monitoring by reporting bites. The more information we receive, the more we can create an accurate picture which in turn helps with targeting dredging works to minimise the mosquito menace. You can report bites here. You can also report bites via the Neston Life Android App and Neston Life Apple App .

Our traffic lights mosquito forecast is available throughout the summer months.

The latest forecast is available here and also via the Neston Life Android App and Neston Life Apple App.

Keys to traffic lights forecast

Red: Serious risk.  Many Neston residents are likely to be bitten, especially but not only in the evenings.  Precautionary methods as outlined in the FAQs should be used when gardening or enjoying barbecues.

Amber: Medium risk.  Some Neston residents may be bitten, especially on still warm evenings.

Green: Low risk.  Neston residents are unlikely to be bitten.

Our mosquito FAQ is viewable here.

Feedback on Mosquitoes and the Mosquito Monitoring Programme.
Send us feedback on our monitoring reports by using our online form available here.

Further Reading.  A copy of the study by Michael Clarkson, Phil Jones and Sandra Hughes‐Crean entitled “Domestic mosquitoes in the Neston area of Cheshire, UK”.

This single page PDF summarises the detail and conclusion of a long term study into the mosquitoes on the Dee estuary marshlands around Neston and the immediate surrounding towns and villages.  This document is downloadable here.