How Does the Council Work?

Most of the routine work of the Council is delegated to standing committees or working groups, but many important matters are decided by the full Council.

All the committees meet in public and their minutes are published on this website and elsewhere.  Their decisions or recommendations are reported to the full Council.

The Council meets six times a year at Neston Town Hall.  The dates and times for these meetings are available on the meeting schedule which is downloadable from the Council website.  The first item is always an opportunity for members of the public to address the Council on any topic in which the Council has an interest.  Contributors are limited to three minutes each.  Because the time for the total contributions is limited to 30 minutes, and so that any necessary background research may be undertaken beforehand, members of the public are asked to let the Council Manager know what questions or comments they wish to make five days before the meeting.

There are four Standing Committees:

  • People
  • Places
  • Policy
  • Resources

Committee Structure Table

Each Committee has terms of reference:

People Committee Terms of Reference

Places Committee Terms of Reference

Policy Committee Terms of Reference

Resources Committee Terms of Reference