Neston Town Council’s support for the campaign to improve the junctions on Chester High Road that link to the town will move a step closer to being realised over this half-term (19-26 February)

Chester West and Chester Council (CWaC) have responded to the petition about the road that was started after discussions between Justin Madders MP, Neston Town Councillors and long-term road campaigner Pauline Fielding. Mrs Fielding’s son, Andrew, was killed at the A540 junction with Raby Park Road in June 1994 in a crash caused by a driver who did not stay at the scene and who was never traced. Martin Barker, a councillor with both CWaC and Neston Town Council, also formally raised the issue with CWaC in December 2017 at a full council meeting when the petition – with over 2000 signatures – was presented by Mrs Fielding.

In a detailed response CWaC noted that:

“There has been ongoing work and discussion regarding this junction.  The Council has met with the local members and town council, whilst also engaging with customers who have submitted independent enquiries and have listened to the concerns of the local community.

As a result of this engagement, a junction improvement at the A540 / Raby Park Road junction will be undertaken during this Financial Year. The improvement will be kerb realignments, as discussed at meetings with Neston Town Council and local members in February and March 2017.  We anticipate that these works will take place during the school half term period of February 2018.

A speed limit review has also been commissioned, with the outcome to be determined in the very near future. A proposal to match fund vehicle-activated signing is being considered on the A540, either side of the Raby Park Road.  This speed limit review also takes into consideration road traffic collisions on the route, including all junctions”.

In response to the request for a comprehensive scheme for the junctions that would both improve safety and traffic flow, CWaC made some further helpful comments:

“If a traffic signal scheme were to be implemented in this area, then the introduction of traffic signals at this location would require upgrading the existing signals apparatus at the Liverpool Road (Fiveways) and Hinderton Road junctions too.  This would enable the signals to communicate with each other and is designed to aid traffic flow on the main road network”.

CWaC also signalled its commitment to: “explore options for external funding for an appropriate scheme in this area“.

Neston Town Councillor Ceri Lloyd said, “Mrs Fielding’s long campaign has had widespread support in our town, from our MP, from local members and from Neston Town Council. The response from CWaC is a most helpful step in the right direction and will add some important short-term safety features to one of the junctions. I am particularly pleased at the commitment from CWaC to look for external funding for a more comprehensive scheme that is essential to make the junctions much safer and improve traffic flow. We shall continue to campaign until this is delivered.”