Hadlow Green Singers

The Hadlow Green Singers started as a ladies-only choir set up by the Willaston W.I. in 1967. It took on its current form in 1982 when men were allowed to join. Over the next two decades the choir enjoyed much success at National and International festivals and competitions. Our current conductor, Clive Nicholson, took up the baton in 2011 and has steadily worked to re-establish the professionalism and musicality of the choir.

The range of music covered is very varied and there is no set repertoire. Traditionally, we have held three concerts per year – Christmas (covering mainly carols), Spring (with a programme that has a large element of the more challenging church music) and a much lighter Summer concert (which typically includes popular songs and lighter classical works). Under Clive’s leadership, the difficulty of the music undertaken has increased, as have the number of members of the choir. As a community choir, all-comers are welcome, without auditions or other entrance tests, but the rapidly changing music programme means that members who are able read music find participation easiest (although there are current members who do not read music and so learn each piece by heart). Rehearsals take place in Willaston Memorial Hall each Thursday at 7:30 p.m.

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