Family History

This page can provide help with tracing your Family History.

We can contact local historians, who may be able to help local family history, especially with local colliery records: contact us by email – [email protected]

The Parish Church of St Mary and St Helen’s Grave records are here in PDF format. These records are under review. If you find any errors or wish to comment on the records please contact [email protected]

A source of local information can be found on the Forebears website To see the result of a search one will be led to the Find My Past website, see below, which charges for viewings.

Free websites to search for your ancestors:


Lost Cousins, enter your relatives from the 1881 census and the site links you to others with the same relatives.

1881 Census: other census years are on this site, but these have to be paid for.

Ancestry Free Family Tree creator

Family Tree Builder:

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