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CWaC Christmas Recycling Guide


Neston Business Awards

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Neston Business Awards

Neston Town Council Calls for Major Improvements to Road Junctions on the A540

During November 2017, Neston Town Council heard from Mrs Pauline Fielding about the dangers at the junction of Raby Park Road and the A540 Chester High Road. The Council also received a report from Councillor Ceri Lloyd and letters from two residents suggesting the need for an overhaul of the A540 junctions adjacent to Neston.

Mrs Fielding said, “I have been campaigning for 23 years since my son Andrew was killed in a crash caused by a driver who did not stay at the scene and who was never traced. I am extremely grateful for the support of so many people over the years, including that of members of the public, Justin Madders, M.P., Neston Town Council and the Trustees of Neston High School, which is sited a short distance from the junction. Incredibly, 23 years after Andrew died, the junction remains unimproved – and has become increasingly dangerous. I call on Cheshire West and Chester Council (CWaC) to ensure that adequate improvements are made to the junction such as linked traffic lights that will help to prevent further death and injury”.

Now Neston Town Council has added its weight to the cause by resolving to ask CWaC to undertake major improvements to install linked lights at the junction of Raby Park Road and the A540.  It also resolved that the Independent CWaC councillor for Parkgate, Martin Barker, who was also at the November committee meeting, would take a question to the CWaC Full Council meeting in Winsford on 14 December 2017.

Councillor Martin Barker said, “I welcome the proposal by CWaC for limited improvements to the Raby Park Road junction. But if we are to make this important road safer and better for its users, a more comprehensive scheme is needed that coordinates the traffic lights at all the junctions to Neston and Parkgate from the A540. This has become increasingly important because of the redeveloped High School, the enlarged distribution warehouse, and the additional housing planned at Hinderton Hall. We need to look ahead at the future pressures on this road as well as reflecting on the experiences of the past, such as those of the Fielding family, which demand an effective response”.

Councillor Ceri Lloyd said, “Pauline Fielding’s heroic work to ensure that no more families have to experience the grief that she and her family have endured since 1994 is an example to us all. Neston Town Council has signalled its support for her campaign, and I urge residents of the borough to sign the petition before it is presented to CWaC on 14 December. The A540 is a vital link to the town and it is essential that it is made as safe as possible for all road users as a matter of urgency.”



  • The Petition already has around 2000 signatures can be signed by following this link, or in person at the Town Hall in Neston.

Link :

  • Mrs Pauline Fielding is a Trustee of RoadPeace and is the coordinator for RoadPeace NW. She undertakes her work as part of the wider campaign of RoadPeace to support road crash victims and to eliminate death and injury on the road.
  • Pauline Fielding 0151 342 6381, 07703357503,

RoadPeace  020 7733 1603 (office), 0845 4500355 (helpline),


Chaos at the junction of the A540 and Raby Park Road as Neston High School starts for the day


Left to right – Councillor Martin Barker (CWaC and Neston Town Council), Mrs Pauline Fielding (RoadPeace) and Councillor Ceri Lloyd (Neston Town Council) with the petition for improvements to Raby Park Road at the junction with the A540, and mementos of Andrew Fielding, who died at the junction in 1994.





Result of the Neston Town Council Parkgate Ward By-Election

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Parkgate Ward by-election results

Funding Success announced for improvements to Sytchcroft Park in Neston

The community in Neston is one step closer to getting an improved play area and open space at Sytchcroft Park in Neston thanks to a £44,954 grant from funding body WREN.

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CWaC News Article

Update regarding Neston Town Council Councillors

This press release provides an update and informs our residents about what’s been happening with Your Councillors for Neston Town Council.

Since the Annual Meeting of the Council back in May, the Council has seen several changes.  Some councillors have left due to personal reasons and other commitments.

Those who have left:

Councillor Wilkie, who had been with the council for some years, undertook a very active role in many aspects of the Council and was the lead councillor at the time of the referendum for the Neighbourhood Plan.

Councillor Shipman had been a Councillor since the formation of the Council in 2009 and had attended at the inaugural meetings.  During his time he has seen the evolvement of the Council and overseen many of its restructures.

He was a very active member and took the lead for many of the implementations and revisions of the procedures necessary to support the restructures as well as many other aspects of Council work.

Councillor Shipman was Mayor for the last two council years prior to his resignation in May.  The Council are appreciative of his work and assistance in moving the Council forward. His valuable experience will be missed.  Councillor Shipman gave 8 years of his time to the Council.

Councillor Jilani was also a founder member of the council and despite a busy schedule, took an active part in debate when in attendance at both full council and at the committees meetings on which he served.  He has now moved out of the area.

Councillor Loch served in a dual hatted role for a period of time as Borough Councillor and an active Town Councillor.  She combined her commitment to the Borough with regular attendance at both full council and committee meeting and still managed make time to be involved in several projects.  She has now decided to devote more of her time to her family.

Councillor Montgomery served for a short spell on the town council but due to work commitments was unable to continue.

More recently Councillor Chambers, who had represented Parkgate Ward has resigned.  Councillor Chambers had several very time consuming commitments previously to joining the Council but during her 2 years as Councillor, still found time to be a strong voice for the community.  She was very willing to take actions to improve the environment of the town. And will continue, through her other activities to work for these aims and we hope, remain involved with the Council through its working groups.

The vacancy for Parkgate Ward has not yet been filled.

The Council is delighted to welcome, by co-option;

Councillor Howe to represent Riverside Ward; Councillors Hine and Yarker to represent Little Neston Ward; Councillor Warner to represent Neston Ward and Councillor Chapman as the representative for Ness Ward.

Councillor Kynaston, Chairman, expressed her “sincere thanks, on behalf of the Council, to all ex serving members for their time and for the contributions they have made during their time with Neston Town Council.  A decision to serve the community requires a significant commitment and all the ex members have worked actively to improve the local environment and facilities for residents of the Parish. Whilst this can at times be a frustrating experience, we hope that it has also been an enjoyable and rewarding one.

These changes mean that we have seen an influx of new members onto the Council, several of them younger than our previously mature age range, and this will bring different viewpoints to our debates.”


Consultation on Council Tax discounts and premiums

The majority of Council Tax discounts and exemptions such as single person discount, student exemptions and exemptions for property left empty by individuals who now reside in a hospital, residential care home or nursing home are set nationally by central government.
The Council does have discretion over a small number of discounts and a premium relating to empty properties and second homes. Currently, the Council offers the following discount in respect of empty and unfurnished properties – 100 per cent for the first month, followed by 25 percent for up to 23 months. The majority of properties that are awarded this discount are landlord-owned properties which may be empty for short periods between tenants. The cost to the Council of awarding this discount in 2016-17 was £1.4 million.
Only 11 other local authorities offer a discount for the full two year period and 74 local authorities offer no discount at all. On 12 July 2017 Cabinet agreed to a public consultation on the proposed removal of this discount with effect from 1 April 2018.
The consultation seeks views on the proposal to remove the discount given to empty and unfurnished properties with effect from 1 April 2018, as well as on other discretionary Council Tax discounts and premiums relating to empty and uninhabitable properties, second homes and unfurnished property that has been empty for over two years.
The consultation was launched on 25 July 2017 and will be open for a 12 week period until 16 October 2017. It is available on the consultations page of the Council website:

The survey can be completed and submitted online and there is also a version that can be printed and returned via post or email.
We would like to get a good range of views from residents across the borough to inform the final decision on changes to the discounts and premiums. It would be appreciated if Members could raise awareness of the consultation in their wards and encourage residents to have their say. Further awareness raising will be done via the Landlords’ forum, social media and parish and town councils.

The results of the consultation will be reported to Cabinet on 29 November 2017. The final decision on the discretionary Council Tax discounts and premiums applicable from 1 April 2018 will be made by Council at its meeting on 14 December 2017.
For further information contact: Louise Davies, Corporate Finance Manager
Telephone: (01244 9)77568
Responsible Committee, Cabinet Member: Councillor David Armstrong
Date: 27 July 2017

Town Hall display celebrates 150 years of local government in Neston

If you are passing Neston Town Hall in the next week or so, call in and have a look at the Town Council’s display in the entrance hall,

New Town Mayor and Deputy Mayor for Neston

At the Annual Meeting of the Council on 16th May Cllr Pat Kynaston was elected as Chairman of Neston Town Council.