‘Buy only what you need’ and then ‘Stay at Home’

The Town Council have had a number of request from residents to ask its folk to be socially responsible and keep your distances.  The Government has now asked us all to stay at home.

It has been noted too there are times when the Supermarket shelves look sparse but we are assured by the supermarkets there is plenty of food, ‘think of others’.  NHS workers and those on night shifts who have limited choice of when they can shop.

Look after your families and your neighbours, particularly those who are old or vulnerable.  You don’t have to make physical contact, but please stop or knock to say hello.  It could be very lonely for people in the coming weeks, be a good neighbour.

Our local NCYC are co-ordinating efforts to get the volunteer help out there in the first instance for medical supplies and secondly for food and for those who need help if they need to self-isolate.  Call 0151 336 7805 or better still and for more information access the NCYC website:  https://www.nestoncyc.org.uk/  The website has two options, one to ‘volunteer’ and one to ‘ask for help’ and is very simple to complete. Please show your support.

Unless you need to go out, stay at home, if you do go out keep your social distance.

This is a very highly transmittable virus one that we have not known the like of before

And finally remember social distancing, keep well and stay safe.