Alpine Garden Society

Wirral & West Cheshire Group

Small, colourful and easier to grow than you may have heard, alpines have always been enjoyed by a keen and committed group of enthusiasts.

What attracts folks to them? It may have been a holiday in the mountains, perhaps a walking holiday where the bright colours of crocus, primula or gentian may have captured the attention, possibly a visit to one of the Society’s competitive shows, or perhaps chancing across the small but perfectly formed mountain plants in a garden setting during a visit.

Whatever it is that draws people to alpines their needs are catered for by the Alpine Garden Society founded nearly eighty ears ago. Based at its Headquarters in Worcestershire the Society has more than 8,000 members worldwide each receiving a quarterly Bulletin, which is internationally recognised as being the best of its kind. Lavishly illustrated in colour it imparts information on the naming, raising and cultivation of, not only alpines but small, hardy perennials from the world’s mountain ranges. To satisfy its charitable status the Society sponsors plant collecting expeditions with the co-operation of the host country, publishes authoritative books on a multitude of subjects, organises tours around the world and each winter produces a fantastic seed list.

The Local Group meets in The Gladstone Village Hall in Burton on the second Friday of each month from September until May enjoying a varied programme of talks and events and a friendly atmosphere in which to further develop the hobby of alpines. The Wirral & West Cheshire Group of the Alpine Garden Society has come a long way since its early days in a wooden hut behind the Glegg Arms on the outskirts of Heswall. Numbering over sixty members it is a friendly, outgoing group welcoming newcomers to its ranks and enthusing new comers with their love of mountains and the special plants that grow on their slopes. It is not unknown for plants to bought, sold or simply exchanged as a regular activity.

If you are interested in finding out more or would like to come to one of the monthly meetings you would be most welcome. Peter Cunnington is the Secretary and may be contacted on 0151 336 3407

Alpine Garden Society