Town Centre 02 September 2014



2nd SEPTEMBER 2014


A meeting of the Town Centre Committee will be held at 6pm on Tuesday 2nd September at Neston Town Hall.

The press and public are welcome to attend Part One of the meeting.

Part One: Items considered in the presence of the press and public


18 Apologies for Absence

To receive apologies for absence and consider acceptance of these.

19 Questions to the Committee

To hear representations from the public on any item of business included in the agenda, each person being permitted to speak for three minutes subject to an overall time limit of thirty minutes.

 20 Declarations of Interest

 To receive any Declarations of Interest on agenda items.

21 Minutes of the last meeting Town Centre Committee Enclosed

To consider approval and signing of the minutes.

22 Acting Clerk’s Report

To receive the Acting Clerk’s report updating members on any matters arising since the production of this agenda. Members are invited to ask questions on any matters not covered in this agenda and within the Committee’s terms of reference.

 23 Working Groups

 23.1 To note that the Town Hall and Market Square working group was set up and met on 28th August and to receive an oral report from the elected chair of the working group.

23.2 To note that views were canvassed from the Market Traders’ working group on proposed terms and conditions.

23.3 To note that the first meeting of the Economic Development working group is to be held on 1st September.

24 Town Centre Manager’s Activity reports 

To receive the Town Centre Manager’s Activity report and receive an oral update on any matters arising since the production of this agenda. Members are invited to ask questions on any matters not covered in this agenda.

25 Neston Marketing

To receive an oral report from the Town Centre Manager regarding the development of the promotional campaign for the market.

26 Neston Cycle Town

26.1 To receive the summary and recommendations report of the Neston Cycle Town consultation (full report dated August 2014) prepared by AM Page 2 of 3

 Partnership. To note that the full report is to be presented to the Society & Culture committee on 9th September and the Visitor Economy Working Group. The full report is available on request.

26.2 To receive the Neston Cycle Town events interim update report prepared by CAN.

26.3 To consider and agree any actions as a result of these reports.

26.4 To note the short term, temporary use of the community unit as a cycle hub, managed by the LSTF cycling consultant, subject to CWaC’s final approval.

27 Town Hall and Market Management Enclosed

27.1 To consider a report of the Town Centre Manager proposing a scheme of delegated powers required to ensure responsive management of the asset.

27.2 To note the income of the Town Hall and market in June and July.

27.3 To consider the Approved Contractor Scheme report proposing the creation of an Approved Contractor List and the appointment of a preferred contractor.

28 Recommendation from the Finance & General Purposes committee

To consider recommendations made by the Finance & General Purposes committee regarding Town Hall accommodation that:

  1.  The front reception office be remodeled to accommodate staff
  2.  That the Assistant Town Clerk and the Support Officer be located in the reception room
  3.  That the Town Centre Manager be relocated to the Town Hall
  4.  That the TCM and the Town Clerk share an office
  5.  That the top level community office be used as an interim small meeting room
  6.  If necessary to consider the cost implications of any agreed alternatives.

28 Neston Town Centre s106 Group

To receive an oral progress update from the Town Centre Manager.

29 Other business

To consider matters which the Chair determines are urgent for immediate discussion, or for decision at the next meeting.

30 Date of next meeting: To confirm the date and time of the next meeting as 21st October 2014.



K Pierce

Acting Town Clerk 27th August 2014

Neston Town Hall, High Street, Neston, Cheshire, CH64 9TR


Tel: 0151 343 1407

Email: [email protected]

Core Members of the Committee: Councillors M Barker, J Griffiths, A Jilani, P Kynaston, C Lloyd, M Shipman, J Wilkie