Society & Culture Committee, 6 September 2016 (Meeting 3)

Agenda and papers below.  If you would like to download a full set of meeting papers, please select the zip folder at the end of the list.

AGENDA 6 September 2016

SC3 36 Minutes of the last meeting

SC3 37 Governance & Operations Manger’s report

SC3 38 Country Trail leaflet

SC3 39 Finance

SC3 40 Risk assessments

SC3 43a Fly a Flag for Commonwealth 2017

SC3 43b Union flag

SC3 44a Grant accounts -Lights’n’Lanterns 2015

SC3 44a Grant accounts – CAN Office Costs

SC3 44b Grant publicity

SC3 44c Timescale for consideration of grant applications

SC3 44d Grant application – Neston Players

SC3 45 Tourism and Visitor Economy Working Group

SC3 46 Events Group minutes 25.7.16

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