Society and Culture Committee, 29 November 2016 (Meeting 6)

Agenda and papers below.  If you would like to download a full set of meeting papers, please select the zip folder at the end of the list.

Agenda 29 November 2016

SC6 78 i Minutes 6.9.16

SC6 78 ii Minutes 3.10.16

SC6 79 Governance and Operations Manager’s Report

SC6 80 Finance

SC6 81 Strategic Objectives

SC6 82 Emma Hamilton Event

SC6 83a 1st Ness Guides (Trip to India 2017)

SC6 83b Friends of West Vale Park (Family Fund Day 2017)

Sc6 83c Little Actors 2016 17 Repertoire In Neston

Sc6 83d Nadas Annual Art Exhibition 2017

SC6 83e Neston Village Fair Committee (Village Fair 2017)

SC6 83f Train to Change (Neston’s Lift Up 2 Work Programme II)

SC6 83g Wirral Narrowboat Trust (Cruises for Elderly Neston People 2017)

SC6 84 Grants Procedure

SC6 85 Neston Calendar