Full Council, 27 June 2017 (Meeting 3)

Agenda and papers below.  If you would like to download a full set of papers, please select the zip folder at the end of the list.

AGENDA 27.6.17

FC3 41a(i) Co-option for Neston Ward C Williams Warner

FC3 41a(ii) Co-option for Neston Ward S Wastell

FC3 43(i) Minutes of 17.05.16

FC3 43(ii) Minutes of 09.06.17

FC3 44 Council Manager’s Report

FC3 46a(i) Policy Committee Recommendation Strategic Objectives

FC3 46a(ii) Policy Committee Recommendation Objective Monitoring

FC3 46b (PE2 20) Events Programme

FC3 49 Expenditure 23.6.17 To 27.6.17

FC3 50(i) Minutes for Signature Project Partner 09.03.17

FC3 50(ii) Minutes for Signature Finance and General Purposes 21.03.17

FC5 51a(i) Minutes POLICY 23.05.17

FC5 51a(ii) Minutes POLICY 13.06.17

FC5 51a(iii) Minutes POLICY 20.06.17

FC3 51b(i) Minutes RESOURCES 16.05.17

FC3 51b(ii) Minutes RESOURCES 25.05.17

FC3 51b(iii) Minutes RESOURCES 20.06.17

FC3 51c(i) Minutes PLACES 16.05.17

FC3 51c(ii) Minutes PLACES 30.05.17

FC3 51c(iii) Minutes PLACES 07.06.17

FC3 51C(iv) Minutes PLACES 20.06.17

FC3 51d(i) Minutes PEOPLE 16.05.17

FC3 51d(ii) Minutes PEOPLE 06.06.17

FC3 51d(iii) Minutes PEOPLE 14.06.17