Full Council, 17th July 2018 (Meeting 3)

Agenda and papers available to download below:

18.07.17 NOTICE Meeting of the Council signed

FC3 35a cooption-Application-form-LITTLE-NESTON-WARD- L Bennoch Part 1

FC3 35b Cooption-Application-form-LITTLE-NESTON-WARD- S Wastell Part 1

FC3 35i Cooption-Application-form-NESTON-WARD L Bennoch PART 1

FC3 38a(i) 18.05.22 Annual Meeting of the Council Draft Minutes

FC3 358a(ii) 18 06 12 Extraordinary Full Council draft mins (2)

FC3 39a Committee Structure Table 2018-19

FC3 41 End of year budget

FC3 42 Risk Assesment

FC3 44a DataProtectionPolicy

FC3 44b Subject Data Access Policy

FC3 44c Data Breach Notification Policy (1)

FC3 45a 18.06.05 Policy Draft Minutes (1)

FC3 45b 18.06.12 People Draft Minutes (2)

FC3 45c 18.06.26 Places Minutes (2)

FC3 45d 18.07.03 Resources Minutes (2)


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FC3 17th July 2018