Finance & General Purposes Committee (Meeting 4) 19.11.15

Agenda and papers available to download below;

15.11.19 Signed FGP Agenda (4)

15.10.20 Draft FGP Minutes

FGP4-61 Clerks report

FGP4-62A Income

FGP4-62B Expenditure

FGP4-62C Alto Card

FGP4-62D Reconcilliation

FGP4-63 Strategic planning Doc

FGP4-64b Budget Detail

FGP4-64b Income & Expenditure

FGP4-64b FGP budget variances

FGP4-65 NHB Tunnel

FGP4-66a Council budget variances

FGP4-66a detailed income & Expenditure

FGP4 66a Budget Detail by committee