Finance & General Purposes 14 October 2014


A meeting of the Finance & General Purposes Committee will be held at 6.00pm on Tuesday 14 October at Neston Town Hall.

The press and public are welcome to attend Part One of the meeting.

Part One: Items considered in the presence of the press and public

42 Apologies for Absence

To receive apologies for absence and consider acceptance of these.

43 Questions to the Committee

To hear representations from the public resident in Neston, or representing other members of the public resident in Neston, who may answer questions and give evidence, each person being permitted to speak for three minutes on any item of business included in the agenda and may, with the permission of the Chairman, make requests of, ask questions to seek information from the Council (but not individual members of it) in relation to any matter of particular significance to the people of Neston. This is subject to an overall time limit of thirty minutes.

44 Declarations of Interest

To receive any Declarations of Interest on agenda items.

45 Minutes of the last meeting of the Committee Enclosed

To consider approval and signing of the minutes of the meeting of 01.09.14.

46 Clerk’s Report

To receive the Clerk’s report updating members on any matters arising since the production of this agenda. Members are invited to ask questions on any matters not covered in this agenda and within the Committee’s terms of reference.

Drop Box: 1TB of storage space has been added at a cost of £79(including VAT) to the Council’s ‘Dropbox’.

47 Finance

47.1 To note the income of the Council of£2,502.55 from 10.09.14 to 08.10.14.

47.2 To consider approval of payments for expenditure of £23,507.17 net incurred in the accounting period to from 10.09.14 to 08.10.14.

47.3 HR Go Liverpool Ltd: To retrospectively approve the payment to HR Go Liverpool Ltd, of £281.98, made by BILL PAYMENT.

47.4 To agree the reconciliation of the Neston Town Council current account with the bank statement to the 30.09.14.

47.5 To note the increased annual fee of 2% (to £235) for Omega cash book management, support and maintenance wef 01.04.14.

 48 Authorisation of Payments and Financial Regulations 

48.1 To consider the Clerk’s report ‘Authorisation of payments and Financial Regulations amendment proposals REF/001’ and its proposals:

48.2 To recommend to the Council changes to Financial Regulations by amending the title of section 5, replacing 5.2 and adding items 5.4 through to 5.10, amending the title of section 6 and replacing the whole section as indicated in the Clerk’s paper REF/001.

48.3 To recommend to the Council that the Clerk be added to the list of authorised signatories for the Council’s bank account.

48.4 To recommend to the Council that

  • Following authorisation by two members of the Council as outlined in Financial Regulations section 6.4 (as amended) delegated authority be provided to the Clerk to make payments by way of the Bank’s BILL PAYMENTS system when possible,
  • The Clerk be given delegated authority to use the Council’s PIN, in order to make BILL PAYMENTS and access information on the Council’s bank account, and
  • That Council provide delegated authority to the Clerk to make BILL PAYMENTS to (HR Go Liverpool Ltd), upon receipt of an invoice.

49 Direct Debits

To recommend to Council that payments to British Telecom, Orange and ICO by Direct Debit continue to be authorised.

50 Risk Assessments

50.1 To receive and consider the HSE leaflet ‘Five steps to risk assessment.

50.2 To consider approval of the Council’s risk assessments for the F&GP Committee, conducted by the F&GP Chair.

50.3 General Risk Assessments:

To receive and consider the ‘general risk assessment’ for Neston Town Council, conducted and provided by the Council’s Health and Safety Consultant, Terrain.

50.4 To consider any further actions required from the risk assessments reports.

51 Funding sources additional to Council Tax Precept

51.1 To consider appropriate ways to seek additional sources of funding

51.2 To consider how the Council’s New Homes Bonus funding might be applied

52 Measurement of Council performance in determining budgetary provision 

52.1 To complete the Strategic Planning Document for the Committee.

52.2 To review the Committee’s budget for the current year.

52.3 To review and consider the Committee’s budget requirement for 2015/16

53 Effectiveness and efficiency of the Council’s operations

53.1 To consider the extent to which the Council’s resolution of 8 April has been implemented, and to consider a timetable for the implementation of elements remaining. To follow

53.2 To draft a report to the Council. Page 3 of 3

 54 Allotments

54.1 Marshlands Road: To note that the Markets and Estate Officer has completed the repairs to the Marshlands Road allotment fences (item 39)

54.2 Ropewalk, Parkgate: To note that

a. The Land Registry have completed the application and a copy of the Land Registry entries and title plan for Title Number CH629424 confirming that Neston Town Council are now the registered proprietor has been provided.

b. A request for the original Transfer and Land Registry entries to be kept for safe-keeping by Bowcock Cuerdon, for which there is no charge, has been made.

55 Local Government Transparency Code 2014 

55.1 To receive the Local Government Transparency Code 2014 document.

55.2 To consider if the Committee wish to take any further actions which may be required by the Code, and note that the regulations within the report will be the responsibility of the Clerk and the Town Centre Manager to uphold, for example when publicising procurement information.

56 Other business

To consider matters which the Chair determines are urgent for immediate discussion, or for decision at the next meeting.

57 Date of next meeting: To note that the next schedule meeting of the F&GP committee is 25 November 2014. An additional meeting will be held on Tuesday 4 November 2014.


58 Exclusion of the Press and Public

To consider that under the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960 (as extended by s.100 of the Local Government Act 1972), the public and accredited representatives of newspapers be excluded from the meeting for the following items of business on the grounds that it involves the likely disclosure of exempt information as defined in Part 1 of Schedule 12A of the Local Government Act 1972.


Part Two: Items to be discussed in the absence of press and public.

59 Banking arrangements

To consider alternatives to the Council’s current banking services provider and make recommendations to the Council.

60 Allotments

To approve the costs for entering into a ‘a deed of variation’ as referred to in F&GP minutes 29.07.14 item 27.2.

61 Office Photocopier

To approve that Council enters into a five year contract with the current contractor, to provide an additional photocopier/scanning facilities.


Signed Mrs Alison Kunaj – Town Clerk


Neston Town Hall, High Street, Neston, Cheshire, CH64 9TR

Tel: 0151 343 1407

Email: [email protected]

Core Members of the Committee: Councillors Jilani, C Lloyd, P Lloyd, Loch, Marlow, Shipman and Wilkie.