South and East of Willaston


Distance 4½ Miles.

Car Parking: at and adjacent to Village Green

Bus Services: Avon 22, Aintree, 272

Nearest Railway Station: Hooton (Merseyrail) 1½ miles

1. From Village Green turn into Hadlow Road and enter Smithy Lane (Neston BR No36)
2. Continue past housing then take Footpath Neston No35 on right across field to join Wirral Way.
3. Turn right towards Hadlow Rd Station then join FP N034 on left between farm buildings and field to Adfalent Lane at Seidloom Farm.
4. Cross lane to join FP Neston No37 at field edge to New Hey Lane, turn right then rejoin path on left, and continue across stiles by waymarked path to A540 near Nurseries.
5. Turn left and continue on footwalk of A540 for about 500yds.
6. Join FP Neston N038 on left and continue forward over fields and stiles or gates to Hallwood Farm and then use farm road to Badgers Rake.
7. Turn left at Badgers Rake and join E. Port BR No4, Oaks Farm Drive through gates to Heath Lane.
8. Turn left and after crossing Railway Bridge turn left to join Wirral Way in direction of Willaston.
9. At Hadlow Road Station turn right into Hadlow Road to return to the Village Green.

Coal Mining in the Neston area