Parkgate and Gayton


Distance about 4 miles

Car parking at The Square or The Old Baths, Parkgate

Bus Services: Avon 22; Helms 272

1. From The Square, walk in N direction along Parade to Boathouse and join road leading to the Old Baths. From Old Baths join Neston FP No l at stile by sandstone wall and walk along old sea wall to join Wirral FP No l at 4′ marker sandstone boundary post and forward to Gayton Shore.
2. Descend steps at end of wall to Cottage Drive Gayton.
3. Turn right and walk up road in NE direction, pass over bridge above Wirral Way and continue to junction of Gay ton Road and Well Lane Gay ton.
4. Turn right and walk past old cottages to join Wirral FP No 3 which passes between hedges in S to SE direction alongside the golf course.
5. Pass marker stone and continue at side of golf course in a SE direction to a stile.
6. Descend across field to a stile and footbridge, then up the hill to a gate by the wall of Backwood Hall.
7. Continue forward through farmyard on track to reach Boathouse Lane.
8. Turn right and walk down the road in a W. direction over the bridge and past housing to reach the end of Parkgate Parade by Boathouse Cafe.
9. Return from here to The Square by The Parade or the road to the right to The Old Baths.

Coal Mining in the Neston area