Neston Colliery Trail

Neston Colliery TrailIntroduction , (1.78MB);

Audio Point 1_Ness Colliery (1.45MB);

Audio Point 2_Denhall Quay (2.05MB);

Audio Point 3_The Harp, Starvationers, Rivalry (3MB)

Audio Point 4_Neston and Wirral Collieries (1.00MB);

Audio Point 5_Quay and Spoil Heaps (1.26MB);

Audio Point 6_An Even Older Quay (2.55MB);

Audio Point 7_Colliery Branch Line, ‘The Mineral Railway’ (1.97MB);

Audio Point 8_Neston and Wirral Colliery Mineshafts (2.94MB);

Audio Point 9_Railway Bridge, Marshlands Road (0.93MB);

Audio Point 10_New Street (1.84MB);

Audio Point 11_Ness Colliery Shafts (1.03MB);

Audio Point 12_New Houses Lane (0.95MB);

Audio Point 13_Lost Industries (0.94MB);

Audio Point 14_Baptist Church and The End

This audio trail was created using information supplied by the Burton & Neston History Society; the commentary and audio trail were produced by Audioguide Productions Ltd

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Some Local Notable People