Cycle rides

The Neston area is blessed with many off-road and on-road cycle routes

Neston Cycle Town aims to promote cycling in and around Neston.

Wirral Circular Trail follows the Wirral Way through Parkgate, Neston and Willaston. This signposted trail is 35 miles long, and follows much of Wirral’s coast. Copies of the excellent booklet are at Neston Library. Online it is at

Sustrans* National Route 56 goes through Parkgate, Neston and Willaston along part of the Wirral Way. The whole of the Wirral Way can be cycled to West Kirby and to Hooton.

Cheshire regional circular Route 70 goes through Neston, Willaston and Burton.

Cheshire Route 71 goes from Parkgate to Teggs Nose Country Park, connecting the highest and lowest points in Cheshire.

Sustrans National Route 568 (Burton Marsh Greenway) connects Neston to the Deeside Industrial Park, with links to Chester and North Wales.

This section describes routes from Neston suitable for cyclists of moderate fitness and skill.

Sustrans (sustainable transport) is always keen to recruit new volunteers. Neston volunteers include Rob Ward email who composed cycle rides 1 – 7. When cycling off-road, please slow down for pedestrians and horses, and give them plenty of warning that you are there. Expect dogs to walk in front of you unless they are closely controlled. When cycling on roads wear high-visibility clothing and at night use lights. See the Sustrans code for shared-use paths.

01. Cycle Ride Neston to West Kirby along the Wirral Way
02. Cycle Ride Neston to Hooton along the Wirral Way
03. Cycle Ride Neston to Seacombe along Sustrans Route 56
04. Cycle Ride Neston to Chester along Sustrans Route 56
05. Cycle Ride Neston circular Ride round North Wirral
06. Cycle Ride Neston circular Ride to Shotton and Chester
07. Cycle Ride Neston to Deeside Industrial Park and Back
08. Cycle Ride Neston, Willaston, Burton (Leaflets in Neston Library and Town Hall)

Chester Cycling Campaign have produced leaflets with cycle rides. Two are available from Neston Library: No. 5 The Capenhurst Caper is 19 miles, from Capenhurst via Shotwick, Blacon, Chester, Saughall and Mollington back to Capenhurst. No. 8 The Burton Warbler is 21 miles, from Willaston via Neston, Deeside Industrial Park, Shotwick, Capenhurst back to Willaston.

A 12-mile circular ride, Signals to Saltmarsh, connects Willaston, Burton, Neston and Parkgate.

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Cycle rides