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Nelson Cottage, Parkgate

Nelson Cottage, Parkgate

The visitor to Parkgate will find a long straight road bounded on one side by a sandstone sea wall and a huge (10,000 hectare) expanse of salt marsh.

Views stretch over the 4 mile wide Dee estuary, a well known bird reserve, to the hills of North Wales.

On nice days visitors flock to this Conservation Area for the views, the award winning ice-creams, locally caught shrimps, renowned bird watching, leisurely lunches in the pubs and restaurants and a walk along the Parade.

Several times a year when the tides are high and the wind is strong the sea reaches the wall, flushing out many small creatures, thus attracting birds of prey and more bird watchers!

Look for the information plaque on a sandstone plinth on the “Donkey Stand” near the seats. This marks the spot where travellers would begin their journey to Ireland and elsewhere until silting of the Dee in 1815. The plaque shows a panorama of the Welsh hills, tells the history of the passenger port and bathing resort, identifies the sea front buildings and provides information about the Dee Estuary’s rich bird life. (Following renovation of the Donkey Stand in 2014 the plaque is missing, but new ones are expected.)

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