About Ness

Today Ness village is dominated by Ness Botanic Gardens, started more than 100 years ago by A K Bulley who moved there in 1898 after making his money as a cotton broker in Liverpool.

He planted shelter belts of trees and laid out the gardens. He started a commercial nursery, which became Bees Limited. He used the gardens to promote his products.

Mr Bulley was also a very important sponsor of plant collectors, which led to plants from overseas being established in Britain. After his death his daughter gave the gardens to Liverpool University in 1948.

Today the gardens are a major tourist attraction and botanical research centre, researching, among other things, the effects of global warming on shallow lakes.

Mealors of Ness were well known horse drawn plough makers in the late 19th century and the early 20th century. Joseph Mealor held two patents on ploughs, granted in the 1890s. Their ploughs were sold all over the country and had a good reputation. They also made metal railings and park benches. The company moved from Ness to Queensferry in 2010, and the premises were converted to housing.

Ness Village Hall is off Neston Road, between Ness Gardens and the Village. It is home to Wirral Theatre School. Next door is the home of 1st Burton Scouts.

Ness has one pub, The Wheatsheaf..

Ness Botanic Gardens – photo gallery