Town Hall Takeover Delay

The Town Council’s planned takeover of the management of the Market, Market Square and Town Hall has had to be put on hold.

The Council had expected that negotiations with owners Cheshire West Council to lead to a management takeover from 1st November, but this week’s meeting of the Town Council committee overseeing the transfer decided it could not at this stage recommend to the Council that everything was in place to allow this to happen by the planned date. They are suggesting a delay, possibly until April next year.

Although good progress had been made in talks, Cheshire West Council had been unable to provide the necessary financial guarantees and documentation for the period before 1st April 2014. Although both councils had agreed on a programme of maintenance and repairs required for the Town Hall before handover, CWaC had been unable to give assurances that the work would be completed by November.
Neston Town Centre Manager, Katy Pierce, said;

”The Town Council are deeply disappointed by this setback. There has been much enthusiasm for the transfer to take place before Christmas so Christmas events could be planned for the Town Hall, Market Square and Market”.

Katy emphasised that the Town Council were committed to continuing talks. “It’s a great pity that we haven’t been able to get unequivocal assurance to some serious concerns in the timescale agreed with Cheshire West.”

The decision does not affect the Town Council’s determination to continue to work closely with CWaC on the regeneration of the Town Centre and the general marketing of the Markets, Square and Town Hall.

Contrary to rumours (the perennial Neston problem), the Town Hall is not closed and is not for sale. The Town Council’s plans to improve and expand the market have not changed.

For further information contact: Katy Pierce, Neston Town Centre Manager.

Neston Neighbourhood Plan thanks residents





Neston Neighbourhood Plan Community Steering Group Members would like to thank all residents who recently participated in Neston 2030 Questionnaire.

Over 350 Questionnaires were received from collection boxes in Neston Library, Sainsbury’s, Tescos and on-line. Two lucky participants were selected from the draw and both received £50 shopping vouchers.

Neston 2030 Questionnaire information will now be analysed and the results will be used to find out what residents want for Neston in the future.

We will be consulting with residents again in the not-to-distant future so look out for our Neighbourhood Plan posters on our noticeboards and on our website.

Further information: Mrs A J Kunaj, Town Clerk

Neston Town Council, tel: 0151 353 1407