More action to beat mosquitoes

Neston Town Council have secured a grant of £7,500 from the Rural Support Programme which will be match funded by the Town Council, CWaC, RSPB and the Parkgate Society to the value of £15,000. This will enable the dredging of the main gutters at Parkgate Marshes to be completed and the creation of two new ponds as reported in the last issue of Neston Matters.

Emergency dredging of the main gutters from Parkgate Square to the Boathouse were completed before Christmas. It is evident that following the recent high tides the water flow through these gutters has greatly improved. The grant will enable dredging works to continue to the Old Quay Pub.

New ponds will be formed at an area in line with the Donkey Stand and another in line with Parkgate Square. The ponds created by the RSPB have reduced mosquito breeding. They have also allowed fish and other wildlife to develop and feed off the mosquito larvae produced towards the shallows. These ponds also attract birdlife and have proved to be a great attraction for tourists and bird watchers alike.

The Town Council is now in discussions with CWaC and the RSPB to target treatment for the marsh area at the end of Marshlands Road, including a review of the spraying programme and drainage of the gutters in this area.

Deputy Town Mayor Cllr Martin Barker said:

“We welcome this significant investment in the area from the rural support programme, and we appreciate all the efforts made by our voluntary group partners, RSPB and the Parkgate Society.”

Upgrading Neston Market

The need for Neston Market upgrading has been recognised by Cheshire West & Chester Council officials.

Extensive discussions with supportive officers took place at a meeting sponsored by Neston Town Council. It was agreed that the market was a valuable asset to Neston. But it was noted that evidence from elsewhere in the UK and on mainland Europe shows that a top quality market sets high standards in terms of the structure and style of the stalls themselves, as well as good practice in displays and layout.

Town Mayor Cllr David Clark said “The agreement between stall holders and CW&C needs to be completely reviewed to recognise that, whilst the old market was just about good enough for the former environment, the new and very attractive Market Square needs to see a much higher quality market. Residents and visitors should see a real difference by the summer as all parties are agreed that action is now required.”

Neston getting greener

The Town Council has had oak troughs placed inside the sandstone wall of the parish church on the High Street as the start of the “greening of Neston”.

It hopes to extend this project in conjunction with the new town centre plan being formulated by TEP; the design company commissioned by Cheshire West and Chester Council.

The planting and maintenance is the responsibility of the Parish Church who are currently looking for sponsors for this year. The original plants were provided at cost by Dovecote Nurseries, Burton, whose owner, Neville Jones, sadly died last month.

CAN is our project partner

Community Activities in Neston Group have been appointed the Town Council’s “Project Partners”. In an agreement lasting until March 2012, CAN will be undertaking a range of feasibility studies and delivering agreed projects for the Council.

Chair of the Council’s Communications Committee, Cllr Mike Shipman, said, “Crucially, CAN will be able to apply for funding from many sources which the Council, as a statutory body, is unable to do. So the partnership should be a profitable one.”

Eileen Miller, CAN Project Manager, commented that, “The partnership with Neston Town Council is going to be mutually beneficial, and make the work of both us and the Town Council more effective. We are definitely stronger together! There are lots of projects the group would like to help initiate in the area, working with all sectors of the community to make Neston a better place. The partnership with the council will help make these things happen.”

Neston Matters March 2011

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Mayor Endows Neston High School

Neston Town Mayor, Cllr David Clark, has created an endowment at Neston High School to fund a prize to the most improved GCSE student from the Town Council area.

The endowment will be for a total of £1,000 – £100 each year, increasing annually by the rate of inflation, until the fund is exhausted. The cash prize will be called the Mayor of Neston Award and will be presented each November by the Mayor at that time at a suitable school event.

The selection of the winner will be entirely at the discretion of the school, subject to the residence condition and any improvement measurement that the school can establish. The improvement can be any balance of academic, behavioural or commitment to school life.




Cllr Clark said, “My two sons, both now in their thirties, are achieving success in life due significantly to the quality of the education that they received at Neston High. This endowment seems to be a fitting way to express my gratitude.”



Commenting on the endowment, Headteacher Stephen Dool said, ”We are very grateful to Cllr Clark for initiating this award and look forward with anticipation to making the first award after the GCSE results are known this year.”